How are you?

How are you?


In addition to physical changes, there are also psychological, emotional and social changes during pregnancy and after the birth. These changes can present in very different ways, e.g. in behavior in a couple relationship, at work or simply in thpersonal experience. Sometimes the feelings seem to have changed for no apparent reason or you feel as if you are standing next to yourself.

Every woman experiences these changes in one way or another: some areas can be very joyful, but stressful situations can also arise. If these pressures persist, they can affect your well-being and that of your family. That is why it can sometimes be useful to monitor your wellbeing and get support early on.

The following questionnaire gives you the opportunity to classify your feelings and, if you want, the website also contains information on where you can get help. The “Postpartale Depression” association (Verein) makes this online questionnaire available and also shows you how things could continue.

Here is the link : Questionnaire (scroll down to pdf)

Our tip: Exercise, especially in the fresh air, has a positive effect on mind and soul.