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Katharina Quack Lötscher
Katharina Quack LötscherPresident of PEBS association / managing director of nutrimove GmbH

Almost all pregnant women that I see have questions about nutrition and physical activity during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In order to answer all these questions, I have developed the concept PEBS 'Preventive nutrition and exercise counseling during pregnancy up to one year after delivery'.
This is where all of my experiences as a doctor, scientist and mother come together: If you are a pregnant woman and a mother who cares about your own diet and fitness, you are also investing in the health of your child. As managing director of nutrimove GmbH and president of the PEBS association, my vision is: Healthy mom - healthy child.

Verein PEBS and nutrimove GmbH

PEBS stands for the concept ‘Preventive nutrition and exercise counseling during pregnancy up to one year after delivery’. According to this concept, we have been offering nutritional counseling and fitness courses as an association at the University Hospital Zurich since 2009. In the meantime, additional locations have been added. Our vision is that every pregnant woman receives at least one nutritional consultation during pregnancy and after birth in order to be informed about healthy foods. Furthermore, every pregnant woman and mother should be able to take part in fitness courses if she is not already doing fitness herself. Safety for mother and child are very important to us.

Women with a lower income should receive special support in these areas, as they are at higher risk for overweight. With a low-threshold offer, both financially and locally, we try to address this group especially.

The ‘buggyfit’ brand was transferred from the association to nutrimove GmbH in April 2019. Fitness courses in Zurich and the education program are organized by nutrimove GmbH.